The 52 Weeks of Motherhood Project: Week 28

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The 52 Weeks of Motherhood Project is slowing getting back into action with this post from Nia Williams, an incredible birth worker dedicated to empowering mothers and families. Writing during week 28 of her pregnancy with her third baby, her experience shows how much each of our birth experiences impact us, for better or for worse.

pregnancy doula work

I am currently a student midwife training to be a Certified Professional Midwife and I’m currently working as a Birth Doula for women and families of all walks of life. I have had two incredibly different births. The first one was with lots of interventions and procedures that were done without my consent. The second, in a hospital as well, but with a doula I stayed home, I was in the tub, we listened to music. I remember lots of jokes and laughter. Only going to the hospital when I felt ready. The experience changed my life. It was single-handedly the most empowering experience I’ve ever had. I knew birth work was my calling and passion. I quit my cozy Pharmaceutical Sales Rep job and dove into birth work.

I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant with baby #3 and couldn’t be more thrilled to go through this pregnancy with Midwives and planning a water birth at home.

No matter where or how we give birth, may we all feel that we were supported, informed and respected.

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Here is my daughter, listening to the heartbeat of her new little sibling!