Who I Am

I am a lactation consultant and the founder of She Collective who is committed to providing unconditional support to families during the postpartum period. I am also a mother, and I understand the joys and challenges of the fourth trimester. I will not judge and I will not insist that you do it “my way.” I will recognize and respect this time in your life when things are a little bit more intense and new.

My Doula & Breastfeeding Training

  • Breastfeeding peer assistant and PREP+ breastfeeding group moderator training, Breastfeeding Medicine of Northeast Ohio, Fall 2014
  • Postpartum Doula training, Heart of the Valley Birth Center, Corvallis, Oregon, October 2012
  • Breastfeeding USA Counselor, certified in January 2015
  • Northeast Ohio Doula Collective volunteer doula training, Fall 2015
  • DONA Birth Doula Training, 2012
  • Cultural competency and ally training, 2012
  • Family planning options training, Cuyahoga County Board of Health, Sept 2015
  • Sexual health education training, Planned Parenthood, Oct 2013
  • Master of Public Health degree, with an emphasis on women’s sexual and reproductive health, graduated in April 2013, Oregon State University

Individualized Support for all Pregnant and Parenting People

postpartum breastfeedingMy work differs from that of a baby nurse because my main focus is on the mother and parents instead of only on the baby. My goal to make life simpler for your family as you develop a relationship with your newborn(s). What’s most important to me is that when I stop working for you I will leave you with a greater sense of confidence, a closer bond with your child or children, and that you feel that, despite the challenges of parenthood, you are thriving as a parent rather than simply trying to survive day to day. I won’t tell you how you “should” do anything, but rather recognize your own ways of parenting and help you feel confident to parent your own way. Read more about what I do and don’t do as a postpartum doula in this blog post.

I want all mothers and babies to thrive– not just survive– during the important postpartum period and I want to encourage you to trust yourself and your body when making decisions about your reproductive health.

I vow to do all I can to empower you through my doula work & breastfeeding support. Check out my services and classes or contact me directly for your first free consultation!