Nova Doula is now part of She Collective!

She Collective is my latest brainchild! Check out our calendar to see what we have to offer (hint: lots of resources for new moms!). Through my work as a doula, lactation consultant and sexual health educator, I have witnessed the immense strength and resiliency of women and girls. But I also always noticed that there seemed to be a tiny … Read More

Circle of Women // a retreat

Join me, ginny Walters E-RYT 500, and Jolynn Radin, massage therapist and owner of The Womb Wellness Center for a yoga retreat for women of all ages. Meditation, group activities, yoga, and personal reflection are our tools to help us fill ourselves back up, own our woman-ness and shrug off limiting templates of what it means to be a woman. … Read More

Why Should We Unlearn Motherhood?

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Unlearning Motherhood What does this mean? First we must answer the questions, What is Motherhood? What have I learned about Motherhood? What have I been told about what Motherhood looks like, what Motherhood should be? Then, What must be unlearned? and Why? Motherhood–not the act of being a mother, but rather the identity box that you move into the moment … Read More

Big Things are Happening!!

I am so excited to announce a new collaboration with Briana Violand, IBCLC, of Northcoast Lactation Services and Colleen and Rosie of Circle of Life Birth Services! Our new office haven, on Madison Avenue in Lakewood, will open in March and will be dedicated to providing critical support to women through pre-conception, pregnancy, birth, the fourth trimester, and beyond. Follow me … Read More

The 52 Weeks of Motherhood Project {The Fourth Trimester}

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For the final post of The 52 Weeks of Motherhood Project, Amanda R. Howland, a Cleveland-based writer and musician, shares her story about her 45th week of motherhood. Thank you, Amanda, for sharing this gorgeous, raw tale of love and hopefulness amidst postpartum anxiety and fear.   Before my daughter was conceived, I knew myself. This knowing was part of the nest I built … Read More

The #52WeeksofMotherhood Project: Week 37

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This week I jump forward to week 37, right to the end of pregnancy, when it gets close enough that every twinge in your body makes you think, “is this it??” Stacie Ruiz Bingham, a childbirth educator, doula, and breastfeeding counselor, has plenty of experience with birth and gathers strength from her memories of incredible birth stories from inspiring women. “I am … Read More

The 52 Weeks of Motherhood Project: Week 28

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The 52 Weeks of Motherhood Project is slowing getting back into action with this post from Nia Williams, an incredible birth worker dedicated to empowering mothers and families. Writing during week 28 of her pregnancy with her third baby, her experience shows how much each of our birth experiences impact us, for better or for worse. I am currently a student midwife … Read More

The #52WeeksofMotherhood Project: Week 25

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Those of you who have been following The 52 Weeks of Motherhood Project must have noticed by now that I’ve been on hiatus, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been thinking about why I began this project, how it has evolved, and where I’d like to see it go. I’ve actually been reading more about motherhood than ever before. Most … Read More

The #52WeeksofMotherhood Project: Week 22

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As long as I’ve known Shelly she has been Mama Bear, protecting those she cares about with ferocity and love. I always told her that if I ever ended up homeless I would find my way to her, because I know that she would renew my strength and motivate me and flood me with kindness. It was wonderful to read what she … Read More