Unpacking The #52WeeksofMotherhood Project

Nova Doula and Lactation Cleveland Ohio

I love the stories I’ve received so far during The #52WeeksofMotherhood Project — the explorations of self in transformation, the struggles with the transitions of pregnancy, the attempts to connect body with mind with psyche. The stories are honest snapshots of change. Because pregnancy is nothing if it’s not change, a body in flux. However, the feminist me, the me … Read More

The #52WeeksofMotherhood Project: Week 10

Nova Doula & Lactation Cleveland Ohio

A little late, but week 10 of The #52WeeksofMotherhood Project is finally up! I imagine that this story, submitted by my dear friend Noelle, is one that many moms will relate to. The nausea, hearing the heartbeat for the first time, and experiencing that sudden moment when you begin to feel like a mother. And of course the comparison of … Read More

The #52WeeksofMotherhood Project: Week 9

Nova Doula & Lactation Cleveland

The past 4 days I’ve been commiserating with a sick little munchkin who refuses to eat anything but breastmilk to the point that her poops are like newborn poops again. Except every day it’s more obvious that she is most definitely not a newborn anymore. Watching her personality develop now, at 20 months, is like watching a new flower bloom … Read More

The #52WeeksofMotherhood Project: Week 8

Nova Doula & Lactation Services Cleveland Ohio

We’re 2 months in to The #52WeeksofMotherhood Project! This week, a fellow doula and Breastfeeding USA Counselor shares her story about her experience of finding out she was pregnant with her younger daughter. Angela owns Blossoming Birth & Postpartum Services and is the mother of 2 gorgeous, strong little girls. At 8 weeks, many pregnant people don’t even know they’re pregnant yet. After … Read More

The #52WeeksofMotherhood Project: Week 7

Nova Doula Services Cleveland Ohio

For the past 2 weeks I’ve been lucky enough to be far, far away from the snow in Cleveland and to be surrounded by my sweet, bustling Costa Rican family. My husband Mario was born and raised in Nuevo Arenal, a tiny town in north-central Costa Rica, and we take an annual trip to spend time with all the aunts, … Read More

The #52WeeksofMotherhood Project: Week 6

Nova Doula Services Cleveland Ohio

When a good friend of mine, Colleen of Circle of Life Birth Services, volunteered to write for week 6 of the #52WeeksofMotherhood Project, I knew it would be entertaining. As a doula and midwife, she’s experienced all sides of pregnancy and motherhood– the deep and intense to the light and funny. After sending me her story, she told me that … Read More

The #52WeeksofMotherhood Project: Week 5

Nova Doula Services Cleveland Ohio

For week 5 of the #52WeeksofMotherhood Project, Angela continues her story that began last week. Because her husband is a pilot and often out of town, she waited a week to take a pregnancy test so that they could be together to find out the results. As her story shows, it’s normal for pregnant people–even if they were hoping and waiting to … Read More

5 Postpartum Doula Myths Debunked

Although more and more people have heard of the word “doula” and have some idea of what a doula does, it seems to me that the vast majority of parents I talk to still have no idea that postpartum doulas exist. I’ve found that a critical part of spreading the word about what doulas do is explaining what doulas don’t do. So, in … Read More

The #52WeeksofMotherhood Project: Week 4

Nova Doula Services Cleveland Ohio

For week 4 (and 5!) of the #52WeeksofMotherhood Project, I’m excited to have another local doula sharing her story. Looking back after experiencing three pregnancies–one that ended in a miscarriage and two that brought her son and daughter into her life–Angela Morgand of La Bonne Doula remembers how she felt when she found out she was pregnant for the first time, … Read More

The #52WeeksofMotherhood Project: Week 38

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When I asked Sarah Nurit Popivker, the owner of Tambourine Ma’am Doula in Cleveland, Ohio, if she’d like to share a story from her pregnancy or birth, I knew it would be a good one. Sarah is small and spritely and has birthed 5 gorgeous little boys. She has an inner calm and strength that she can’t help but bring to her birth … Read More