Meet the Doulas Night

Thank you for joining us last night! Our first Meet the Doulas night was a perfect combination of childbirth talk and tasty desserts. If you missed it, we hope to see you at the next one in a few months! Follow Nova Doula on Facebook or Twitter to make sure that you stay up to date with events like this one.

Doulas are Here to Help YOU Thrive

As a pregnant woman, I remember reading on a parenting message board (agh my first mistake! it can be SO EASY to read too much crap on the internet) a message criticizing moms who ask for help after having a baby. The writer posted I survived without help as a new mom, why do other moms think that they need help?? … Read More

Happy World Contraception Day!

Happy World Contraception Day! (No, I’m not making this up.) I love having access to contraception because for the first time in 15 months my daughter let me sleep longer than 5 hours last night and I can’t imagine being pregnant right now! I love that I can take control of my reproduction and I don’t have to be worried … Read More

Motherhood as an Act of Optimism

Motherhood is absolutely an act of optimism. From the moment we begin thinking about getting pregnant, we must be optimistic. I’ve never known a couple to truly be “ready” for a child. There is always a better house, a more secure job, a bigger bank account, a more prepared frame of mind… There are so many questions and what-ifs that deciding to … Read More

Like a River Flowing

A large part of my role as a postpartum doula is spending lots of time with women who are learning how to feel comfortable with their new identities. A woman may be a brand new mother or figuring out life with more than one child, but either way being the mother of a newborn often overshadows her roles as a wife or partner, a … Read More

The Many Contradictions of Motherhood

Inspired by this hilarious video of DJ Jay Smooth trying to figure out how women are supposed to act in order to earn respect, here is my list of contradictions that mothers must muddle through starting when that sperm meets the egg. Don’t eat too much fish, but eat more fish. Get more exercise but don’t push yourself too much. Take control … Read More

Yes, Kids, Adults Have Fun Too!

I remember talking with my husband when I was pregnant about how much our lives would change when the baby finally arrived. Everyone loved sharing that juicy piece of knowledge, as if we’d never heard it before: “Oh, you have no idea how much your life will change. You’ll never be the same.” Those people always implied that we wouldn’t … Read More

The Newness of Motherhood

Motherhood is new to me still, even after thirteen months. I’m not sure if it’s Sahara’s character or the way we’ve raised her (probably it’s a combination of both), but she cannot stick to a schedule. Some days she’ll nap for an hour the whole day and be perfectly fine. Other days, she’ll need three naps of an hour each … Read More

Mamas, Breastfeeding is NOT a Test!

As we come to the end of World Breastfeeding Week, I want to post a reminder that breastfeeding is a relationship not a test!! Let me be clear: it’s important to spread the word about the health benefits of breastfeeding so that mamas receive more support resources and hospitals and other institutions learn how to work WITH breastfeeding moms instead … Read More