Why Do I Try To Do It All? {Unlearning Motherhood}

should mothers do it all?

should mothers do it all?

Why are we told that we should be able to do it all, manage it all, organize it all, juggle everything related to hearth and home while looking pretty and unfazed?

Yes, some days it feels awesome when I actually DO do everything that was on my to-do list and everyone in my family is happy and clean and full. But how often does that really happen? Way more often I find myself running around like a person who drank way too much coffee and forgot to eat and doesn’t really know what direction she should be running.

I want to feel more centered, to live with more realistic expectations for myself, to allow others to take on more responsibility, to hold others more accountable rather than being willing to pick up the slack every single time. To do the things that bring more fullness to my life rather than attempting to spread myself so thin that I can’t appreciate every moment of this too-short life.