An email the day after a home visit: “He’s a whole new baby today! And we all got to sleep in the same room last night. I gave up on timing and he seems to be eating a ton more! I feel like I got some of my sanity back. Thanks again for the help!!”Michelle, Avon Lake, Ohio

“I am so glad I hired Samantha while recovering from my c-section. At a time when I felt weak, overtired and overwhelmed, her kind, calm, positive energy was so valuable. Samantha helped me learn breastfeeding, pumping, babywearing, trimming baby’s nails, you name it. Moreover, when I was busy feeding my baby, she would ask for- or simply suggest- other household tasks she could do to make my life easier. New parents need lots of support. Hiring a postpartum doula like Samantha is totally worth it. “Mariana, Cleveland, Ohio
“After my emergency c-section I didn’t feel like I had anyone to talk to, I felt broken and uneasy with the aftermath of surgery. Working with Samantha was like having my best friend around to help me put everything back together. We took slow walks and did a few stretches, my feelings were always addressed and discussed, my unorganized closet and baby clothes were attended to and put away just the way I wanted them, and the multitude of items for breastfeeding and pumping were totally explained to me, washed and ready to use. Getting my head wrapped around being a new mommy was made easy because of Samantha, not one of my questions was left unanswered, and I believe that my success in breastfeeding and pumping is due to her.”Kathryn, Lyndhurst, OH
“Samantha is such a blessing postpartum! She is a wealth of knowledge and has a beautiful motherly calm about her. She effortlessly builds confidence in new mothers while alleviating stress. Couldn’t recommend her more!”Kathy DiVincenzo,, Cleveland, Ohio
“The thought of going back to work and pumping and making it all work is overwhelming! I just had this [Back-to-Work] consult, and I feel a lot better now! I highly recommend this for any moms headed back to work soon! Such a great help! Thank you, Sam, for helping me come up with a plan and answering all my questions! So knowledgeable!”Brookelyn Rambadt, Columbus, Ohio
“I cannot recommend Samantha enough as a postpartum doula. She is not only an amazing person who is extremely knowledgeable and thorough, but an absolute natural at what she does. She came into our lives at what felt like the most hectic time (after the birth of our second daughter and with a 20 month old at home) and the calmness that she cultivated is something that I will be forever grateful for.  She was a part of our family from the first moment we met her. As our time together came to an end, we didn’t want her to go.  She’s a true godsend who helped me with everything from remaining comfortable while breastfeeding to finding new positions to breastfeed to teaching helpful stretches and breathing techniques when I started feeling overwhelmed and stressed, Her warmth and clear, helpful approach are fantastic and made working with her a real treat. I also appreciated how responsive she was, both by phone, text and email. She was always available to give advice or whenever additional questions arose. I’d highly recommend her to others.”Kate Peterson, Seattle, WA
“If you are a clueless new mommy, as I sure was, have no fear Samantha is here:) Before I had my little boy, Braxton, I was a nervous wreck! I never changed a diaper, I never even babysat a child! I’ll admit, I was not all that kid-friendly let alone infant-friendly. I did not know the first thing about breast feeding, how to give him a sponge bath, how to burp him or even calm him down if he was having one of those “infant moments.” Sure, I went to those classes and read books but I needed more. I needed another mom to help me be a mom. My own mother works and it was hard for her to help me during the day. So who did I call? Who could I rely on to give me the best advice and help me though such a tough and life-changing time? Samantha. As soon as I got home from the hospital I needed all the help I could get. Not only did Sam help me with little chores around the house but she helped me become a great mom. Never judged me, never made me feel stupid. She thought of unique ways to calm Braxton down, burp him (boy, was he tough), how to strengthen his muscles during tummy time. Sam also gave me confidence because she believed in me. She showed me that I did know how to mother a newborn and that I wasn’t going to “drop him.” Most importantly, I could trust her completely with Braxton. This helped me stay calm, get some free time, rest, or even take a hot shower. I learned how to be a wonderful new mommy and I owe a lot of that to Sam. So thank you, Sam, for showing me how a mother can love and how to be loved. I can always count on you.”Alexa Milkovich, Cleveland, Ohio