Nova Doula is now part of She Collective!

She Collective is my latest brainchild! Check out our calendar to see what we have to offer (hint: lots of resources for new moms!).

she collective

Through my work as a doula, lactation consultant and sexual health educator, I have witnessed the immense strength and resiliency of women and girls. But I also always noticed that there seemed to be a tiny seed of self-doubt, an internal questioning and searching about what it means to be a woman in today’s society.

She Collective is meant as a space for women and girls to explore that sense of self-doubt, that disconnection from their bodies, and to discover new and powerful ways to connect with themselves through their bodies. Through yoga + movement (along with childcare during yoga classes!!), retreats + adventure, community + education, we hope to give all women and girls in Cleveland the space and the opportunities to learn about themselves in new ways and to become the presiding geniuses of their own bodies.

Stay in the know about She Collective classes and events