Support During Life Transitions

Are you going through a life experience that feels intense and new? In life, there are significant events — such as the birth or adoption of a child — that cause us to transform. At Nova Doula & Lactation Services, I am here to support you through these transformations.

Nova [noh-vuh], noun: “Any of a class of stars whose luminosity temporarily increases by several thousand up to a million times normal… To observers, such objects may appear to be new stars; hence their name (Latin for ‘new’).”

Reproductive Life Experiences

I recognize that there are so many experiences throughout a person’s reproductive life that signal a metamorphosis or a period of newness. The life transition may be deciding to begin birth control, ending a pregnancy, or giving birth to twins. It may be deciding to adopt a child or begin breastfeeding. Any of these transitions often lead us to call on our friends and family because human beings need support during periods of transformation. We recognize that, for many reasons, not all of us have people close by we can turn to for unconditional support. For those of you searching for someone to help you through this moment that makes you feel like a nova — radiating newness like never before — I am here.

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